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World Hypnotism Day

It's a big deal for hypnotists, but most of the rest of the world has never heard of it.

World Hypnotism Day is known to the world outside the hypnosis industry as "January 4th", a pretty boring name.  For 2018, I dedicated the entire day to FREE hypnosis sessions and every session was booked solid with a wait-list for most hours.

For 2019 I am doing the same thing!

You can now book a completely free, no strings attached, no obligation, 90-minute "World Hypnotism Day Introductory Session" on January 4th, 2019 from this page.

These 90-minute sessions are enough to learn about how hypnosis works and to experience it for the first time. No need for "therapy"? No problem! You can experience hypnosis and hypnotic phenomenon for no other reason than to try it out.

A typical 90-minute session will be spent something like this:

00-30 Introductions, paperwork (Disclosure Form)

30-60 Explanation of hypnosis and Theory of mind, Kappasinian suggestibility testing with an explanation of how it works.

60-90 Demonstration of hypnosis and hypnotic phenomenon.

No "wait-list" this year, just first come, first served, locked in and confirmed appointments via my booking system.

While you are waiting for January 4th, you can read more about World Hypnotism Day here: http://worldhypnotismday.com/


First come, first served. Limited number of sessions available. All sessions held at the Hypnotechs office in Duvall, Washington.

Note: After you book, I will contact you via email to verify your session. Once we have have been in touch, I will approve your session in the booking system and you will receive a confirmation.

Countdown to World Hypnotism Day - January 4th, 2019: