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Sleep & Stress

How did you sleep last night?

No, seriously, I am asking because I care. Perhaps you belong to the fortunate few who easily slip into slumber, experiencing a tranquil rest, scarcely awakening, and swiftly drifting back into dreams if you do stir, ultimately rising this morning feeling truly rejuvenated.

Yeah, right. If you are like A LOT of people these days, you have one of three standard sleep problems:

  • Difficulty “turning off” so you can fall asleep.
  • Waking up during the night, then having difficulty falling back to sleep.
  • Seeming to fall asleep and stay asleep, but never really feeling rested as you should.

One of those? More than one? That’s pretty common. A sign of the times if you will. I bet you aren’t the only one you know who has this problem either.

Have you thought about hypnosis? Maybe it’s time you should.

How about stress? Got too much of it? That’s another thing I hear about regularly. With the world the way it is right now, many of us are too stressed and not sleeping. Each feeds the other, and it becomes a cycle. A downward spiral.

But I have some great news! Hypnosis is IDEAL for dealing with sleep problems and stress. Hypnosis takes care of these with ease. My hypnosis clients routinely report sleeping better even after just one session and coping better with stress after that same session. Of course, dealing better with stress is just as good as having less stress. Clients usually experience significant improvements in their sleep quality after a few sessions. In addition, they acquire valuable tools to effectively manage stress, preventing it from overwhelming them.

So, when will you see relief? How many sessions will you need? And, how long will the relief last? Those are the “$64,000 Questions,” and the answers are pretty simple:

For both stress and sleep, most people see improvement, often dramatic improvement after the first session. The effect is cumulative, and you will see increasing relief after additional sessions if you choose to do more. I don’t generally recommend less than two sessions for anything, but the decision is yours. No high-pressure. By implementing the knowledge gained during our sessions and adopting new behaviors as habits, you can confidently anticipate long-lasting, transformative changes in your life.