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Pain Management

Nobody deserves to be in pain.

Pain is useful. It tells us we are injured, that we need to seek help, and we need to give something time to heal. But all too often that “acute” pain can become lasting “chronic” pain. Pain has outlived its usefulness once our abilities to do something about it have been exhausted. When an injury is no longer acute or when you have done all the healing you can, sometimes the pain remains and can cause severe damage to the quality of your life.

Acute pain tells us of an injury and reminds us not to re-injure something. Chronic pain remains weeks, months or even years after pain signals have ceased to be useful in that respect.

Many individuals who experience pain are frequently informed that there are no viable solutions for their discomfort. They are wrongly led to believe that the only options they have involve relying on long-term medication usage, which may have adverse effects. Some even dismiss their pain as merely a figment of their imagination. That last point is a bit ironic. Pain is an electrical signal, sent from a nerve to the brain. At times, the nerve serves as a cautionary signal for potential harm. However, if the nerve itself becomes damaged, it may misfire and persistently raise the alarm, even if the injury has long been resolved.

But what if you could teach your mind to turn down the volume control of chronic pain? What if you could just learn to ignore it like you do that barking dog, that crack in the ceiling, that bad smell, that dripping faucet? After all, all of them are electrical signals coming into the brain. It is entirely possible with hypnosis.

Only you and your doctor together can decide how to treat your chronic pain best. It’s possible that your doctor will present several options for your case. But if your doctor doesn’t suggest it, you should ask about hypnosis. Being a Certified Specialist in Pain Management recognized by the American Hypnosis Association, I can confidently assure you that we hold the power to bring forth a remarkable and profound transformation in the way you experience chronic pain, ultimately enhancing your overall quality of life. Please contact me if you would like more information about your options and information about how to talk to your doctor about hypnosis.

Pain treatment will almost always require the consent of a medical doctor. I understand and want to help, but I believe that removing pain without knowing for sure that it is chronic can lead to worse problems. Most medical providers will routinely sign a referral for hypnotherapy of this kind when asked.