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Time Flies!

Time flies, when you are having fun!

I was pulling some paperwork together today for a project I am working on, and the form asked me to add up the hours I had accumulated in a few areas related to the practice. A couple of numbers were obvious because they are listed on certificates hanging in the office.

  • My diploma represents 300+ hours of class time
  • The union certification represents 200+ hours times spent with clients and supervised by the school

So, that’s more than 500 hours right there.

But then I added on my continuing education hours and specialization certifications for a total of more than 700 hours of education time.  Of course, the form also wanted hours spent in practice, which quickly added up to nearly 1000.

So, there you have it. In the ballpark of 1700 hours spent doing something I love in the less than two years since I started down this road. Tic-Tock! More hours on the way!

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