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Forensic Hypnosis

Forensic Hypnosis is often used to help witnesses recall events and descriptions of suspects that normal memory recall cannot.


Forensic Hypnosis is the use of hypnosis in the field of law enforcement. Forensic use of hypnosis is often used to help witnesses recall events and descriptions of suspects that normal memory recall cannot.

But to be fair, Forensic Hypnosis is used far, far more often to help people remember where they left their car keys, what that passcode on the Bitcoin wallet was, or even the lyrics to a long forgotten song.

There are three main things to note about Forensic Hypnosis.

  1. It doesn't always work. Memories are funny. Every time we access one, we get our fingerprints all over it. It "drifts" and changes, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.
  2. Forensic Hypnosis has a bit of a checkered history. In the past it has been blamed for creating memories as the result of faulty or unethical techniques being used.
  3. Forensic Hypnosis is NOT "regression". Viewing events from the past is common, but you are almost never encouraged to "relive" them.

I had a client who who grew up in another country, speaking a different language. She had had some fuzzy memories of a book that had been her favorite, but had been lost when the family came to the United States when she was four years old. She could remember that the cover was yellow and it had some red on it. She could remember how the book made her feel and even some very fuzzy details about the plot. But beyond that, it was lost in the sands of time. Or was it?

Using Forensic Hypnosis techniques, my client was able to describe the book to me, give me details of the cover and even repeat some lines from the book. Finally, she "read" the author's name from the cover to me as if the book was sitting in front of her. After the session, she remembered very little of what had happened and she lapsed in and out of her native language, a language that I do not speak. I understood that we had made progress, but it wasn't until I played the recording of the session to her and saw her reaction that I knew what a success the session had been.

My client was able to use the information that came to the surface in that session to find a copy of the book online and she purchased it for her own children.

What do you want to remember?  Reach out to me using the contact page and see if you are good candidate for Forensic Hypnosis.

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