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The Lemon Test

The "Lemon Test" is a classic measure of your aptitude for hypnosis.

The test measures your ability visualize and how your mind and body react to those images. The test does not "hypnotize" you or place you in a hypnotic trance and even if you have no interest in hypnosis, it is still a fun exercise to see how your mind and body work together. The test only requires a few minutes and all you have to do is read, then imagine what is described.

Each step of the way, pause, close your eyes and make the images real in your mind, then open your eyes and continue. The more real you can make it, the better this works.


Imagine a lemon.

Make this lemon the most perfect lemon you have ever seen.

The lemon is the perfect color of yellow.

Imagine that you can see the lemon in great detail. You can see the pores in the skin of the lemon. You can see where the stem attaches. You can see the waxiness of the rind and see how the light is reflected from the parts of the lemon.

Imagine the lemon is so real that you could reach out and touch it. When it seems that real, reach out and grasp the lemon with your hand.

Notice that it feels cool to the touch.

You can feel the texture of the skin against your fingers and as you bring the lemon closer to you, you begin to catch a hint of the wonderful fresh scent it has.

Imagine placing the lemon on a cutting board on the counter in front of you.

Picture yourself picking up a knife and slicing the lemon in half. Watch as the blade cuts into the lemon, releasing a spray of juice into the air. The air is filled with the scent of fresh lemon. Take a moment now, close your eyes and imagine the scene. Visualize the sliced lemon, remember the sound it made as the knife sliced through the thick skin and into the middle of the lemon, releasing the juice into the air. With your eyes closed, recall that first burst of lemon scent as it entered your nose. So vivid you could almost taste it. When you have seen that in your mind, open your eyes.

Now, take the knife and make a second cut, creating a lemon wedge. Notice how the juice flows out. Notice that again you could see the spray, hear the sound and smell the fresh lemon as you cut into it.

Imagine picking up that lemon wedge. Feel as the juice runs down your fingers. Notice how the scent becomes stronger as you bring the wedge closer to your face. Look closely at the perfect yellow of the inside of the lemon.

Place the lemon wedge in your mouth and bite down.

Feel as the juice washes over your tongue.

Notice the bitter, sweet, sour taste as the juice fills your mouth. Feel as you swallow the juice.

Did your mouth water?

Most people find that simply by imagining that process, their body starts to react. Although you know there is no lemon, your subconscious mind prepares and takes action exactly the same way that it would if you were to actually bite down on a lemon slice.

It has been suggested that the earlier on in the story that you began to notice your mouth watering, the more "in touch" with your subconscious you probably are and the easier you will find it to enter a hypnotic trance.

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