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Kappasinian E&P Sexuality - For Females

This version of the assessment is for Women

This assessment asks questions about how you feel and behave in a relationship. If you are not in a relationship or are in a new relationship that is still in the "honeymoon" phase where your partner seems perfect and you have never had a fight, answer the questions based upon your experience in a previous relationship. The same goes for a relationship that is in the "trauma" stage, that ugly period of intense dislike that sometimes ends a relationship.

The Kappasinian Sexuality Assessment is old enough that the language may seem a bit dated and it doesn't embrace relationships that are other than "traditional". If your relationship, sexuality, or gender are other than those that are viewed as "traditional", you can still take the test and the results are still valuable, but you may need to apply a bit of interpretation to make the results match your world.

This assessment is presented faithfully as designed by Dr. John Kappas. Despite needing an update, the principles are still sound and no offense is meant by the language used. I am aware of the issues is has in current society and present it on an "As Is" basis.

In Kappasinian Sexuality theory, the relationships that work the best are the ones where the partners offset one-another. If one partner is a moderate physical, the other will be a moderate analytical (emotional). If one partner is a strong analytical (emotional), then according to Dr. Kapppas, the other should be a strong physical.

That is NOT to say that is the only combination that can work, so if your relationship doesn't match that description, it may just mean that you have to work things a little harder than people in a relationship like the theory describes.

Also according to the theory, people will begin to drift to create that balance. If you are a moderate physical dating a strong analytical, you may begin to behave more like a strong physical and so on.

Like any relationship or behavioral theory, there's truth to be found here, but maybe not the "whole truth". Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and if what you have works, don't let a theory try to tell you otherwise.

Take the test!

When taking the suggestibility assessment, take your time reading the questions, but then answer with your first or "gut" response. The less you think about the answer, the better.

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