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Hypnosis - Massage for the Mind

Treat your mind to a relaxing massage

If you've ever had a massage, you know how good it feels.

You go into the office, talk a bit, climb on the table and even if things are a little tight at first, you begin to relax. Little by little, the world fades away. Cares melt away. Stress evaporates. The next thing you know, your mind is wandering, then it's over. Your muscles feel like warm jello, and until the world intrudes again, you even feel more relaxed mentally.

Massage is good at loosening up the body, but the mental relaxation doesn't last as long. On the way out of the parking lot, someone cuts you off, or maybe you catch a glimpse of the headlines on the television while you grab a coffee, and it all comes rushing back.

But what if I told you that hypnosis is to the mind what massage is to the body?

You don't have to have something specific to work on to experience hypnosis any more than you need to have an injury to get a massage. Sometimes it just feels good.

Hypnosis provides your mind with the same sort of relaxation that your body gets from a massage. Stress fades away, you think more clearly, your body relaxes and best of all, this kind of relaxation sticks with you.

You've probably got some misconceptions about hypnosis, everybody does. But the FAQ and other pages on this site will help you to put those to rest. You can't get stuck in hypnosis. You are not unconscious. You are not under the control of the hypnotist. Hypnosis works for everyone. And probably most pressing, no, you will not cluck like a chicken.

Get the facts, find out what you are missing. After all, you were probably nervous before your first massage too.

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