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I love my Instagram feed!

I don’t have many followers and I don’t feel bad about that, but I love my Instagram feed.

It’s not the “social media” aspect of it, though I do prefer it to Facebook. I enjoy looking at posts, there’s some gorgeous, inspired stuff on there, but what I really enjoy is the creative process for my posts.

I am not a gifted photographer, but I do love quotes (always have) and I have access to stock photos. So, my feed seems to be largely geared toward my combining those two so far.  I love reading a quote, filing it away and then coming back it later. Sometimes it resonates in that particular moment and I go looking for an image that captures it. Then an Instagram post is born.

I am not a graphic artist, but I enjoy creating and I think I might be getting a little better at it. At least I look back on my earlier work and see ways I could have done them better, so I am taking that as progress.

I’ll never have a million followers and I don’t really care. It feels good to make something.

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