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Honey, I Tranced the Dog

Part of the childbirth hypnosis process is training the spouse/birth partner in some hypnosis techniques because they are going to be in the room for the birth and I am not. I ask that this person attend the final two sessions of the five in the series and there is always homework for the couple to practice.

I had a couple in my office and we’d just started session #5. I asked how the homework went. “Overall pretty well” was the response, with a few questions and a bit of fine-tuning to be done. No problem. All normal stuff.

Then the husband mentioned something I have never heard before:

“While we are practicing, one of our dogs seems to go into a trance.”

I’m sorry, say that again?

Apparently, while he is easing his wife into a wonderful relaxing hypnotic trance so they can practice their hypnobirthing assignments, the dog starts to get a far-away look in his eyes, then fades to black completely for the duration of the session. This happened over and over again.

I’m thinking there is a major untapped market here. A whole new wrinkle on the “dog whisperer” thing.

Fetch, heel, speak, sit, roll over and SLEEP!

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