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Hello World!

I think it’s tradition to have a “Hello World!” post when starting up a new system, right?

Yet another version of the website. I think this is revision #4. R4 for short. But I think it’s right this time. I had been exploring other platforms, but for what I need I think this makes the most sense. The last system was good, but somehow it got into a state where the platform couldn’t be updated without crashing and losing data. This platform is tried and true and I don’t have to customize it much, so it should be more robust.

I migrated all the content from the old site and I think everything is as good or better than it was on the old system. In some cases, I got lucky and was able to upgrade the presentation.

Anyway, this set-up is built around posts like this, so I am hoping to be updating the blog part of the site much more regularly.

Hello World!

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