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Feeling grateful today

Someone stuck their neck out for me today. This person vouched for me and it’s really got me thinking. It’s an old-fashioned concept, the idea of using your reputation to support someone you believe in. But I am an old-fashioned guy, so it is very meaningful to me.

You see, I want something, but the governing body that holds the keys to the kingdom doesn’t recognize what I have to offer in trade, so they had turned me down and I thought that was that, as they say.

But today an honorable man took time out of his day, to use his credibility with this organization, to state that he had reviewed my credentials and found them to meet the requirements, even if they were in a different form than the organization has usually dealt with and they should give me another look

It still may not result in an “okay” from the organization, but it sure felt good to have someone step up and say; “I will personally act as a guarantee of the credentials of this man”.

I want to publicly recognize how huge that was for me and promise that I won’t let him down.

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