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What is somnambulism/a somnambulist?


A deep state of hypnosis, where the client may respond with amnesia, anesthesia, negative and positive hallucinations, and complete control of the senses. It is characterized by the eyes rolling up underneath the eyelids.


A person capable of reaching a profound state of hypnotic trance or “somnambulism”.

Natural Somnambulist

A somnambulist who is capable of reaching that level of hypnotic trance known and “somnambulism” without training or practice, generally during their first experience with hypnosis. In Kappasinian terms, this is most likely with a person who responds equally well to all suggestions, both direct and indirect, affecting both the body and emotions. This person would have a near 50/50 Suggestibility (50% Physical Suggestible and 50% Emotional Suggestible).