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Taking Care of the Paperwork

This area contains the documents and forms that are used to create a client file and are part of the official records we keep related to your time with us. Some forms, like the Disclosure, are required for all clients. Others may only apply based upon the service(s) you are requesting. If you have any questions about a form, it's purpose or it's applicability to your situation, please ask your hypnotherapist.


This document is required for all clients. It contains information that is required by the State of Washington and must be signed by all new clients before hypnotherapy can begin. Please review this form and bring any questions you may have for your first session. Note: You do not need to print this form. A copy will be provided.


This document may be required if the service you are interested in requires a referral from a physician, mental health professional or other health professional. If this form is required, it must be signed and returned before we can begin hypnotherapy.

Coordination of Services:

This document may be required if the service you are seeking requires us to coordinate services with other providers. This document grants us permission to exchange specific information with specific individuals and organizations listed. Permission can be revoked in writing at any time.