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When it comes to our clients, it's not just a good idea, it's the law.

With few exceptions, I can't tell you anything about a client, or even if someone is a client.

As a registered hypnotherapist, I am bound by RCW 18.19.180. Basically what that portion of the Revised Code of Washington says, is that with a few notable exceptions, you can count on all of our interactions, correspondence, and sessions to be kept confidential. You can count on me to keep what we talk about, any notes I take and even the fact that we have seen each other confidential. Period.

The law makes note of some exceptions:

  1. With your consent for coordination of services with other providers or with the consent of your heirs or representatives of your estate.
  2. If you reveal in all seriousness that you are planning or have committed a serious crime or you plan to hurt your yourself or others.*
  3. If you are a minor and you reveal you were a victim of a crime.*
  4. If you waive your right to confidentiality by bringing charges against me.
  5. If a court orders me to reveal information about you.

Note that in the case of the "*" items, I am actually obligated to report what has been discussed.

Other than these examples, you can count on me to keep everything about our interactions private from your spouse, your company, your boss, your neighbors, other clients, everyone.  Nobody needs to know we have ever met. You have my promise.